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28 Jun

Here. I am here.
You, you are over there.
Standing, moving, running.
Away from and to,
into and through.

Floating. I am floating.
On the currents.
To and fro
I go.
Into, away from you,
from me.
Back to you, away from you.
Into something new.

Over there, you’re over
I, I am everywhere.
In the trees,
in my skin.
I do not freeze,
I begin.

I am like the leaves.
Falling, falling.
Spun around and around.
Spinning to the ground.
Into the earth
I disintegrate.
Back into the dirt.

Back into the earth.
Floating in between everything.
I become everything,
am everything.

And nothing

Only floating,

In the earth
On the wind.
On the current.

I am lost, and I am
Without a sound,
I come unbound.


7 Jun

It’s me.
Dial tone.

Walk over, sit down
No, wait.
thisĀ out.

knock, knock.
Who is it?
It’s me.


Creak, crash
Shudder, lurch.

into ______.

Sigh, collapse
fall down
come in.

Let’s begin,


17 Feb

Today I will listen to the birds in the tree. I follow them with my ears, their laughs and their calls. I listen to the wind in the leaves, to the flutter of their falls. I listen and answer nature’s call.

Today I will listen to my friend sitting next to me. I follow her emotions, up and down they fall and climb, as I listen to her troubles and to her joys. I shut out the noise and I listen. I give her my time.

Today I will listen to the heart within my chest. I follow its beat, consistent and strong, listening to its life and to its song. I listen and I learn to be calm.

Heart. Friend. Nature. I listen to. Patience. Calm. Compassion. All of them I learn from you .


7 Mar

I could see myself in New York City.
I could see myself anywhere really.
To be honest, I could see myself anywhere
anonymity thrives.

After a piece of you dies
and is replaced by an overwhelming need to grow,
and meet
an endless amount of people,
you need to discover yourself over and over again;
Reinvent yourself over and over until you become an enigma.

–Is this my goal?–

To become a new person so much so I can no longer be figured out? So that I can no longer figure myself out?

I guess that when the part of you dies
The part that you thought had defined
who you had been,
had determined
limited who you had been before,
you become liberated.
Liberated to become the person
you were always meant to be.